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Katrina Kaif Brother

Katrina Kaif Brother - Do not want fame and glamour

This Present Bollywood glamour queen Katrina Kaif was born on 16th July, 1984 in Hong Kong. Her mother Suzanne Turquotte is a British lady. She was graduated from Harvard, and she is a lawyer. In many interviews we only heard his father name Mohammed Kaif, but we have never seen or reported any news regarding her father. Kat mentioned several times that she is missing her dad so much, as she grew up without her father love, guidance and the sense of belonging. Her parents separated when she was very young. She supported her father when she talked about him; she knows that her father is not going to come back in her life just because she is famous.

Katrina has seven siblings. She has six sisters named – Mellisa, Isabella, Natasha, Sonia, Christina and sarah. She has only one brother Michael kaif. So in Katrina Kaif Family there are 8 females and 1 male.

Katrina kaif brother 

Katrina Kaif BrotherKatrina family life is always in shadow, Katrina kaif brother is creating a mystery in her fans. Finally it was reported that her brother Michael Kaif is an adventure enthusiast and he is a professional rock climber and skier.

Michael kaif had seen a very bad face in their lives; he is very young when his parents separated as his parents faced difference in their views and life style. He was brought up by single mother who raised her seven children with believe and inspiration to find oneself in the world.

Katrina kaif brother, Michael kaif was taught lessons from her mother to live in dream and find what is going to make him live life freely. He and her six sisters were always inspired to go to college and get a degree and become a doctor or a lawyer. But finally he decided to be a rock climber.

Rock climbing is a sport in which participants climb up or across mountain, this mountains are created naturally or artificially. Michael kaif always wanted to be in adventure sports and he is so passionate about her profession that he is extended her adventure in ice too. He is a professional skier too.

Though Katrina family was always camera concusses, and several time she requested to keep cameras from her family, but still they are on limelight and news.

Katrina Kaif Brother and family

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